Norman B. Barr Camp

On the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva

Information For Parents

Get Your Child Ready to Have One of the Best Times of Their Life!

Norman B. Barr Camp is filled with tons of Summer Fun and Activites including Arts & Crafts in our Craft Building, great meals in our Dining Room, Outdoor Movies on the lakefront, basketball and volleyball on our Sports Court, hikes along the lake path, tasty treats from our Refectory and swimming in beautiful Lake Geneva!

We want to make sure your child will have a fun and fulfilling stay here at NBBC, so we ask that you help us prepare your child for the camp experience. Please make sure to pack all the items on the list below and take some time discussing with your child the expected behavior quidelines and how to properly respond to instructions from our camp counselors and leaders.

Campers will sleep in a dorm-like room in bunk beds. If campers need any extra supplies or have special needs, please let the camp staff know when they arrive at camp or call the camp office, which is open daily from 9am to 4pm at (262) 245-5544 before the group arrives. The camp staff will make every effort to accommodate each camper's needs.

And ... don't forget to talk about all the fun your child will have here at NBBC!

Behavior Expectations
• Campers should always respect the counselors, staff and fellow campers.
• No hitting, throwing rocks, spitting, swearing, verbal or physical threats, abusive language or behavior will be tolerated.
• Campers must obey the counselors and life guards.
• Campers must follow the pier and waterfront safety rules.
• Campers must stay with their group at all times and are not allowed to leave the camp grounds unattended.
• Boys will not be allowed in the girls' dorm and girls will not be allowed in the boys' dorm.

Violation of the rules will result in lost privileges to the candy store, swimming, or from an activity. If a camper displays behavior that is unsafe, he/she will be sent home. The sponsoring agency or the parent/guardian will be called and the agency/parent will be responsible for the transportation home.

What to Bring
• Sleeping bag or bed roll
• Pillow if needed
• Soap and shampoo for 5 days
• Tooth brush and toothpaste
• Casual clothing and underwear for 7 days
• Swim suit
• 2 large towels (one for showering and one for the lake)
• At least 2 pairs of shoes  (1 pair of gym shoes and flip flops or sandals)
• Sweatshirt or jacket (It can be very hot or very cold anytime during the summer.)
• Warm pajamas
• Raincoat or rain poncho
• A bible (optional)

What NOT to Bring
• No food or electronics
• No money – all the food is provided and everyday campers get an ice cream cone from our candy store and a healthy delicious snack every afternoon