Norman B. Barr Camp

On the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva

NBBC Buildings and Facilities

The Main Building: Located along the shoreline of Lake Geneva, NBBC's main building is the Operations Center of the camp containing the Office, Kitchen, Dining Room and Chapel on the upper floor, along with an iconic open air porch, featuring outstanding views of the lake as it sprawls across the entire length of the building. The camp's Refectory and Game Room are located on the lower level. Parts of this building date back over 100 years, prior to the camp's establishment in 1909.

The Lake Front : Known on the lake as Pier 360, NBBC's Water Front area is the camp's pride and joy, where campers receive swim lessons and also enjoy having a refreshing dip every afternoon in the clear spring-fed waters of beautiful Lake Geneva. Activities also include row boat rides, water festivals, games, races and contests. On occasions when available, Motor Boat rides are a special added attraction. Our swimming area is safety-oriented with full-time Life Guards, Aquatic Observers, and NBBC's Swim Tag system.

The Pavilion : Nearly as old as the camp, NBBC's Pavilion was constructed along the lake front in the early 1920's when it housed the camp's first water system, pumping water from the lake. With the conversion to a more modern water and sewer system decades ago, the Pavilion now represents a landmark on the lake for both boaters and shore path walkers. It's 180 degree view of the lake from above the water's edge is unsurpassed, and the cool lake breezes grace the deck on hot summer days. Many camper activities also take place here.

The Bowman Chapel: Named in honor of Louis Bowman, who served on NBBC's Board of Directors and as the camp's treasurer for over 20 years. Bowman is best known for introducing the phrase "under God" into the United States' Pledge of Allegiance. Each Sunday during the summer season, the camp holds Sunday School and Church Services for our campers and cottagers in this chapel, which also hosts our campers' devotional each morning after breakfast. On Tuesday evenings, our traditional Vespers Service fills the chapel with song.

The Children's Building: Also known in camp as the Dorms, this is where our campers lodge during their stay at NBBC. The Burton F. Vogel Children's Building was constructed in 1979, and along with the addition of a new separate Shower Building in 2009, hosts our campers in a rustic, yet comfortable environment to dress, bathe, relax and sleep in comfortable bunk beds.

The Craft House: Added to the camp in 1962, The Betty Mitchell Memorial Craft House is the center of most camper activities, hosting many creative opportunities for our campers including a complete array of Arts & Crafts projects, Talent Shows, Special Events, and Rainy Day Activities.

The Shore Lodge: Constructed in the early 1920's, this rustic Lodge is a throwback to the way things used to be. Restored in its traditional format of small rooms for camp guests to weekend in during the summer, it is unlike any other accommodation you're likely to find in the 21st century. Its closeness to the lake shore's edge (less than 20 feet away) provides a special treat for overnight visitors who will hear the waves lapping against the rocks as well as the sounds of the nature from the surrounding woods. A truly unique lodging experience.

The Dining Room: Historically once a "white tablecloth", three-meals-a-day family dining area serving cottagers, campers and guests, the Dining Room now exclusively serves our camper children with healthy, kid-friendly cuisine three times daily. In addition, several special event dinners are held here during the summer season, and it is also used for meetings and events by organizations associated with the camp's operation. Overlooking the lake, the views from our dining room are some of the best on the lake.

The Playground : Located on the camp's upper hill, NBBC's playground area underwent a complete upgrade during the summer of 2012, thanks to a generous grant from the Verizon Corporation and the volunteer efforts of Flowering Grace Mission and Norman B. Barr Camp. Now safer than ever, our newly renovated and state-of-the-art playground provides a place for campers to enjoy recreational activities on swings, slides, a jungle gym and more. It is also the location of NBBC's Camp Fire and Picnic area. (See a documentary of the upgrade project here.)

The Game Room: Also known as the "Rec Room", it is one of our camper-favorite places to have fun. The newly renovated Game Room (also possible due to a generous grant from the Verizon Corporation) offers Ping-Pong, Pool, Air Hockey, Basketball and more gaming favorites in one of the "coolest" places in camp on a hot summer night. The adjacent Refectory offers nightly treats of ice cream and candy for our campers, making this combined space one of the most popular places at NBBC.

The Sports Court: Recently updated and refurbished with a new and safer surface, the Sports Court hosts an array of recreational activities including basketball, volleyball, square dancing, mini-golf and more.